Search engine optimisation is central to any online marketing strategy. At GD Webs, our approach to SEO ensures it is a fully integrated part of all your online marketing activity, delivering improved online visibility and increased volumes of sales and enquiries.

Traditionally, SEO was a technical discipline. Getting great Google rankings was all about optimising your website and building links.

While these remain important aspects of SEO today, a website needs to have engaging and trustworthy content that people will share, link to and like. This shift requires a more creative approach to SEO, and one at which we excel.

Why choose GD Webs?

The creation and maintenance of successful SEO campaigns are a cornerstone of our reputation. Many leading companies trust our unique mix of management, technical, creative and analytical expertise to get results.

Our approach to SEO offers exceptional levels of service, attentive account management and continuous data-led reassessment of your campaign direction. Our agile approach means we can change SEO tactics depending on your business goals and the insights we gain through the implementation of our strategy.

Featured Portfolio Projects

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our latest projects.

How we manage your SEO

Every SEO plan is bespoke to you, but in general terms, you can expect it to include the following:

First things first. We’ll start by auditing and reviewing your website to find out how it’s performing already. This includes all aspects of your site, including the technical stuff, content, user experience, usability and conversion rate. We’ll also look at your social media profile, where we’ll audit your current activity against our intelligence on how your target audience uses social media.

Keywords remain vital to successful SEO. We’ll fully research your industry, sector and geographical area to make sure we can put together the most powerful keywords for you. We’ll use tracking tools such as Google Analytics to make sure we can effectively follow the performance of your keywords.

Getting ahead of your rivals is the key motivator of all SEO activity. This means we will work hard to understand your competitors’ online marketing strategies. By investigating their SEO, we not only find out what’s working for them, but also where they’re making mistakes or missing things out. This insight is valuable in helping us to build your SEO strategy.

Based on our intelligence about your business, your website, your customers and your competitors, we will put together a bespoke SEO strategy which harnesses the full expertise of our team. Your strategy is entirely flexible and can move with the times, ensuring that as the wider SEO landscape or your marketplace develops, our data will ensure we keep your strategy on track.

Great content for SEO needs to be well crafted to entertain, inform and most importantly engage your target audience.

Our skilled digital content writers and editors are very experienced in producing superb copy that will help, rather than hinder, your SEO strategy. Meanwhile, we will ensure your site is technically optimised for search engines, covering activities such as page loading speeds, use of javascript and flash, redirects and status codes, and much more.

An approach that gets results

Whether you’re a start-up or an industry leader, we consistently deliver the SEO results that will get you ahead of your competitors. We continuously monitor all SEO campaigns data, to ensure we’re delivering to agreed targets.

Our approach of ongoing dialogue also ensures that all our SEO activity completely aligns with your business goals.