A well-executed pay-per-click advertising campaign will maximise returns across all major search engines and social media websites.

But PPC isn’t just about getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings. It’s about converting that initial interest generated through search engines, social media or display advertising to sales, enquiries or participation.

At GD Webs, our PPC campaigns harness the creative and technical expertise of our team to deliver traffic to your website, and a website that converts its traffic.

Why choose GD Webs?

At GD Webs, PPC campaigns are what we’re good at. Not only will we get you to the top of the search engines, but we’ll ensure that once users are on your website, they’re converted to sales or enquiries.

We’ve deployed our combination of management, technical, creative and analytical expertise to deliver highly successful PPC campaigns for all kinds of businesses, from start-ups to forward-thinking SMEs, to big brands. Our PPC campaign management isn’t static and staid – it’s nimble and agile, meaning we can adapt, change and refine as your campaign progresses.

How we manage PPC

PPC is a fine art, combining the full spectrum of bid media to deliver campaigns that achieve the biggest bang for your investment. At GD Webs, we’ll put together the finest campaign across search engines, social media, display advertising and more, to ensure that your PPC campaigns are both highly creative and very rewarding.
Every PPC strategy is bespoke to you, but in general terms, you can expect it to include the following:

1. Your starting point

We begin by spending time with you to understand your business and your sector, so we can build a picture of what PPC success will look like for you. We’ll audit and review your existing website, ensuring it’s ready to convert the web traffic that your PPC campaign will generate. We’ll also look at any existing or previous PPC campaigns to find out where they were successful, where they could have done better, and where new areas of opportunity exist.

2. Your competitors

As with all online marketing, PPC is about getting ahead of your rivals. So we’ll look at what your competitors are doing, to unearth their strategies and identify opportunities to go one better than them.

3. Your tracking

We’ll look at the tracking you already have in place and deploy other techniques to understand the way users are behaving on your website. Going forward, this tracking will help us measure how our PPC campaigns are performing, and identify areas of opportunity.

4. Your strategy

Armed with this research and data, we’ll put together a PPC strategy, covering our proposed plans, deliverables and how we’ll be able to measure success. Once the plan has been agreed, we’ll launch it and test it, monitoring the performance data and making any necessary adjustments as we go.

5. Implementation

Our skilled creative experts will make sure your adverts are tightly focused to your target audience, and to the right landing pages on your website. Using engaging content and strong calls to action, we will ensure you’re getting the right PPC traffic. We’ll also optimise your website to ensure it can convert your PPC traffic into action. Our team will also keep refining and re-focusing the campaign to keep performance increasing.

An approach that gets results

Once your PPC campaign is launched, we’ll keep you up to date with progress with reporting that’s based around your requirements. We’ll also continue to test and develop the approach, to improve your return on investment.

Our success is based around the successful relationships we build with your team, so we’ll keep talking and keep doing, ensuring you achieve real PPC success.

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