There’s nothing worse than visiting a website that clearly hasn’t been updated for weeks or months. People who visit websites that appear old or out of date are likely not to trust these websites and go elsewhere for information or a purchase. Google will notice this behaviour, largely the fact that visitors don’t stay on your website for very long, and will count it against you when ranking websites to deliver in search results. That means it’s extremely important that you keep your website current and up to date if you want to gain customers and improve your Google rankings.

If you’re serious about search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website, there are lots of things you can easily do to keep your website looking and feeling current. You could add a ‘News’ section for example, where you regularly add stories or articles about interesting things happening in your company or in your field more widely.

You could also use a blog on your website, where you could add new articles and updates quickly and simply. Linking to your blog from social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, can also help to show users that your website content is current and frequently updated. Social media can also help drive more traffic to your website, which will also help your Google rankings, as well as opening up the possibilities that come with more website users, who are your potential customers.

It’s vital therefore, that you never consider your website to be entirely finished. Unless you keep adding new content your site won’t rank higher, attract more visitors or make more sales.

Website Blogs
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