When you’re planning content for a website project or trying to work on search engine optimisation (SEO) for an existing website, it’s common to focus on the written word. The words you use on your website are undoubtedly important, particularly when it comes to keywords, however good web content is about much more than simple written articles. You can improve your Google rankings if you also think about other kinds of content, such as videos, charts and infographics.

Including videos on your website often means people will stay on individual pages for longer. Google uses the length of time people view pages for as one of the factors in its rankings, so anything like this you can do to increase the length of time someone stays on a page will work in your favour. You can also add your videos to video sharing websites such as Youtube, which will allow you to get links to your website. These kinds of links, known as backlinks, will also help you move up the Google rankings.

Meanwhile, articles can become much more interesting and fun to read if you use elements like charts or info-graphics. People who visit your website are more likely to share and link to articles containing this kind of content than articles that only consist of words. Again, this sharing will mean more backlinks to your website and more visitors, which will help improve your SEO rankings further.

So when you’re planning content for articles on your webpages, it pays to think creatively!

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