Saying that a business website should be built around user needs sounds like a pretty obvious statement. However, when you’re under pressure to drive more traffic, generate more leads or increase sales, it can be tempting to focus your web design strategy on what you want your website to say and do in the short term, not what your users actually need to become loyal customers.

The reality is that for the majority of companies in the UK, your customers are only ever one mouse click away from your competition. They have easier and quicker access to your rivals than ever before. That means that once people are on your website, you need to keep them there, and that means delivering an experience that meets their needs. Therefore, serving your customers has to be at the heart of what your website design does. This could include doing things like making it easy for users to ask a question, having an intuitive navigation that can help someone find what they’re looking for quickly, or using data about how user behaviour to make sure the page they land on from a Google search contains exactly the information you’re looking for.

Failing to keep your users’ needs at the forefront means your website will quickly become a drain on your business – it won’t attract users, you won’t get new enquiries and it won’t generate more sales.

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