Google Analytics is widely known and trusted as a valuable source of insight into user behaviour on websites. One feature of Analytics that could make a real difference to your business is called event tracking. This allows you to place code in various elements of a page to track users who take actions within a page, rather than going to a new page. This could be by something like playing a video, starting a live chat session or completing a form.

Using event tracking can help you work out which possible ‘events’ are bringing in and keeping users. For example, if you have a video on a page, are people watching it? Are they sitting through the whole video? Do they then go on to buy something from your website? If users are going straight into your live chat option, does this mean the structure and content of your website aren’t helping them answer their question or find what they’re looking for? Or, if they begin filling in a form, do they complete it? Are there certain fields that lots of people don’t fill in?

This sort of data doesn’t just show you how users are behaving, but it shows you where you’re keeping and where you’re losing your users.

This can give you great ideas for further improvement of your website, which can in turn increase return on investment.

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