One of the best ways to improve your performance in the search engine rankings is to get your content distributed and shared across the social networking platforms. Getting your content shared brings many benefits from an SEO perspective. It increases the likelihood of mentions and links to your site. It also helps get your content discovered faster and means new audiences can get to see your website content. But, perhaps most importantly, Google gathers data from social sharing, and uses this data to help determine website rankings.

The best way to increase your chances of users sharing your content on social networks is to make it really easy for them. You should aim to allow users to post content from your website to their social media account at the click of a mouse. This normally means adding social sharing buttons to the pages of your website and blog, allowing users to share your content with just one click. The buttons should be obvious and easy to find, but shouldn’t distract users from the content on the page.

Asking a Web Designer who can help you with your social sharing will help you boost your SEO.

For example, many web designers choose to use sharing buttons that shadow the reader as they move down the page, meaning the user doesn’t have to search around the page to find them. Or, they may use buttons that display ‘share counts’, showing how many others have already shared the content. This can help build trust and authority, bringing you further SEO success.

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