At its inception, Facebook was a convenient tool for stalking people you used to know from high school. People were poked, sheep were thrown, and it was all great fun. But that is the Facebook of yesteryear. The world’s biggest social network has become a huge content marketing and sharing platform, which should be carefully considered in any PPC campaign. Like search engines such as Google, Facebook’s PPC ads operate on a pay-per-click basis, but it offers very different options for targeting your audience.

Facebook’s ads allow you to target people according to their location and their interest categories. These categories can include things as diverse as what bands people like, the books they’ve read, the countries they have visited or the local groups they’ve joined. If you can come up with your ideal customer persona, you can choose to have your advert shown to the people who fit that description.

This means it becomes very easy to get your advert (and therefore your product, promotion or service), in front of a selected audience of people who you know might already be interested in what you’re selling. This makes Facebook PPC ads a very exciting option for any business looking to expand and develop their PPC strategy.

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