A healthy balance of marketing channels should always be used for any online campaign, but it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to use Pay-per-click as one of those channels. If your business has never done any PPC before, it can seem like a dark art, but in reality it can offer huge benefits very quickly. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using PPC:

  • It’s faster than SEO – generally, it can take months before you start to see a return on investment with SEO campaigns, but PPC can start getting you clicks immediately.
  • You can measure it – PPC is really useful because you can see exactly what users and doing and why, meaning you can understand what works and what doesn’t, and refine your campaign accordingly. That makes it different to SEO, where you can’t always understand the motivations of your users.
  • It’s flexible – you can tweak and refine PPC campaigns as you go, using data about what is and isn’t working. You can also scale up a PPC campaign very easily – if you can demonstrate a campaign is working, there’s no reason not to keep investing in it.
  • It’s easier than SEO – once a PPC campaign is set up, you only need to tweak and refine. The rules of PPC are also relatively static, compared to SEO which is a constantly evolving discipline.
  • Your competitors are doing it – and it’s getting them ahead of you. If you do a few searches on keywords you care about, the chances are you’ll see your competitors’ results ahead of yours. This means you can’t afford to not be doing PPC if you want to get and stay ahead.

PPC Tips For Success